Personal Finance Apps for iPhone: Manage Your Money on the Go

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Personal Finance Apps for iPhone

Personal Finance Apps for iPhone – In the modern era of technology, the task of managing personal finances has been greatly simplified. Thanks to the availability of personal finance apps, individuals can now effortlessly monitor their expenses, establish budgets, and even make investments, all through the convenience of their iPhones. This article aims to delve into a selection of the finest personal finance apps that cater specifically to iPhone users. Regardless of whether you are a novice in the realm of budgeting or an experienced investor, these apps will empower you to seize command of your financial situation and successfully attain your monetary objectives.

15 Personal Finance Apps for iPhone

1. Mint

Popular personal finance app Mint provides a wide range of tools to make managing your money easier. You may integrate all of your bank accounts, credit cards, and investment accounts together in one location with Mint. You can see where your money is going thanks to the app, which automatically categorizes your transactions. Additionally, Mint offers tools for creating a tailored budget and notifies you when you go over your spending limit or have obligations due.

2. You Need a Budget (YNAB)

The goal of the budgeting tool YNAB is to assist you in making and maintaining a budget. With the app’s zero-based budgeting method, each dollar you earn is given a work to do. Every dollar should have a purpose, whether it is for paying bills, saving money, or paying off debt, as suggested by YNAB. Additionally, the app provides support and educational materials to aid in the development of sound financial practices.

3. Acorns

You may start investing with little money using the investment software Acorns. Your regular purchases are rounded up to the nearest dollar by the app, which then invests the spare change in a diverse portfolio. Additionally, Acorns provides “Found Money,” a tool that allows you to receive rewards when you make purchases from their affiliate partners. For people with minimal resources who wish to start investing, this app is ideal.

4. PocketGuard

A straightforward budgeting program that provides you with a clear picture of your finances is called PocketGuard. The software links to your bank accounts and credit cards to automatically classify your purchases and display your available spending money. You can set savings objectives and monitor your progress toward them with the aid of PocketGuard. PocketGuard’s user-friendly UI and real-time updates make budgeting simple.

5. Personal Capital

An all-inclusive financial management tool, Personal Capital integrates retirement planning, investment tracking, and budgeting. All of your financial accounts, including bank accounts, credit cards, and investment accounts, can be linked through the app. Personal Capital offers in-depth analysis of your net worth, investment performance, and spending patterns. Additionally, the app provides tools for retirement planning and individualized investing guidance.

6. Robin Hood

A well-known investment software called Robinhood provides commission-free trading of stocks, ETFs, and virtual currencies. You may utilize the app’s user-friendly design and real-time market data to make wise investing choices. Robinhood also provides fractional shares, allowing you to invest as little as $1 in pricey equities. For people who wish to begin stock market investing without having to pay expensive fees, this app is ideal.

7. Splitwise

For sharing expenses with friends, roommates, or family members, Splitwise is a useful program. You may make groups with the app and keep track of who owes what. In order to ensure that everyone pays their fair amount, Splitwise makes the process of dividing bills, rent, and other shared expenses simple. To assist you in resolving conflicts with your friends, the app also delivers notifications and reminders.

8. Expensify

An program called Expensify makes it simple to keep track of your business expenses. The software enables you to log miles, classify spending, and scan receipts. Additionally, Expensify connects with well-known accounting programs, which is useful for freelancers and small business owners. Expensify helps you keep organized and saves time thanks to its sophisticated features and automation capabilities.

9. Wally

A personal finance app called Wally focuses on budgeting and cost tracking. You can manually enter your expenses into the app or scan receipts for automatic entry. Wally also gives you insights into your spending patterns and aids with budgeting. The program offers features like bill reminders and spending classification, and it has a user-friendly layout. For individuals looking for a straightforward and user-friendly tool to track their spending and manage their budget, Wally is a fantastic option.

10. Clarity Money

The goal of the personal finance software Clarity Money is to assist you in cutting costs and increasing savings. The software examines your spending habits and finds places where you might reduce expenses. Bill negotiation is another tool that Clarity Money offers. With this option, the app bargains cheaper rates for your bills on your behalf. Additionally, the app offers insights into your subscriptions and lets you cancel those that you no longer want. You can manage your spending and increase your savings using Clarity Money.

11. Goodbudget

The envelope concept is used by the budgeting tool Goodbudget to help you keep track of your finances. You can use the program to divide your revenue across various virtual envelopes for various expenditure categories. Goodbudget tracks your spending in relation to your budget and delivers real-time information on the balances of your envelopes. The program also allows for device syncing, which makes it simple to manage your budget with a partner or other family members.

12. Toshl Finance

Toshl Finance is a personal finance app that provides a variety of functions to aid with budget management and cost tracking. You can manually enter your costs into the app, or you can connect your bank accounts for automatic tracking. Toshl Finance also offers tools for budgeting and insights into your spending patterns to help you stay on track. The software is fun to use thanks to its vibrant and clear user interface.

13. Spendee

A personal finance app called Spendee places a strong emphasis on financial visualization. To automatically track your expenses, you can use the app to link your bank and credit card accounts. Spendee offers vibrant graphs and charts to help you better understand your spending habits. You may create savings goals and use the app’s budgeting functions. For individuals who value an intuitive and visually pleasing user interface, Spendee is a fantastic option.

14. MoneyWiz

An extensive personal finance app with many features is called MoneyWiz. You may manage your investments, set up budgets, and keep track of your spending with the app. Additionally, MoneyWiz allows multi-device syncing and supports different currencies. The app offers in-depth analyses and insights on your financial situation. MoneyWiz is appropriate for usage on both a personal and professional level because to its powerful features and straightforward layout.

15. Honeydue

Couples can manage their finances jointly with the help of the personal finance software Honeydue. You may track your spending, create budgeting objectives, and link your credit cards and bank accounts using the app. Additionally, Honeydue provides features like real-time notifications for pooled costs and bill reminders. The app encourages openness and communication between partners, making it simpler for couples to reach their financial goals.


In conclusion, these iPhone personal finance applications provide a variety of tools to aid in smart money management. There is an app for every purpose, whether you need assistance with spending tracking, investment management, or budgeting. You can take charge of your finances, save money, and work toward reaching your financial objectives by using these applications. Why then wait? Now is the time to download one of these applications and begin your path to financial success.


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